Fake News 2018

In this series I made use of the potential for conflict from Swiss German to High German. The starting point for this were headlines from various media in connection with speech-to-text applications. I took the inspiration from the “telephone game”, in which there are different parties between input and output that pass on a word or a sentence. The product is often very confused.
In this serie such an app takes the place of these several parties. Since these language / text aids do not master the dialect language, this instrument looks for linguistic parallels in the German language and fails in translate them. In order to make it possible to trace back or decrypt the actual message, I have painted the misunderstood words figuratively. True to the theme of the transformation, the motif was painted on a glass plate and then transfer-printed on paper.

50 x 40 (cm)
oil on hemp (transfer print)

32 x 24 (cm)
oil on paper (transfer print)

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