du monde zum Mond 2019

According to a study from 2018, it is predicted that 100 billion parcels will be shipped worldwide by 2020. Last year (2018), there were 72.4 billion shipments (FedEx).

Without an initial concept, I collected various cardboard boxes for some time, which were delivered to our shared flat and my studio. The material was almost always identical: same thickness, only the forms and colours changed. If one would stack up all shipments that are sent daily on our planet, the column would reach from the earth to the moon every day. Stacked flat together, the column reached the moon after only one year. These circumstances motivated me to make this installation. To support the visualization I have reproduced the exact ratios (diameter of the earth to distance to diameter of the moon).

By mixing the two languages German and French, I symbolically give the view from a meta level on mankind. Like the first view 50 years ago - du monde zum Mond

Installationview Alte Fabrik
ca. 8.8 x 3.6 (m)
cardboard, pigment, oil colour

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