paintings 2020

catched by the catch
110 x 150 (cm)
oil, lacquer, oilpastels, acrylic on cotton

wie Sand am Meer
d 86 (cm)
acrylic, sewing on cotton

helping hand
73 x 62 (cm)
acrylic on linen

I want to believe
d 98 (cm)
oil, acryl, lacquer, charcoal, sewing on cotton

Tartar as a starter, but then i’d like the vegan menu
70 x 90 (cm)
oil, acryl, aquarell  on cotton

a- z 
92 x 70 (cm)
acrylic, lacquer, leather, sewing on different cottonfabrics

circle readings
101 x 60 (cm)
oil on wood

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