vergessen 2019 ongoing research

Very few things are as important to our lives as food, but most of us don't think much about it. We think about what we should eat every day and even more about what we should not eat, but we don't really think about food. Where does it come from? Who produced it? Who picked these fruits / vegetables? How far have they travelled? Even less do we think about other, more distant, but central issues for food, such as hunger, population growth, migration, sustainable agriculture, human rights, animal rights, waste, etc. Why do these questions only arise with a certain level of prosperity? The longer the more I think about it, the more I realize that these issues cannot be ignored. It was out of this conviction that I started the experiment "vergessen" at the ZHdK - for some time, vegetables are displayed on pedestals in the entrance hall directly next to the cafeteria, which were harvested just then, in the vicinity of Zurich. The project will be repeated and depending on the season there are less pedestals empty
This project serves me as a basis for further research in the field of food.

Installationview Zurich University of the Arts
dimension variable

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