manifesto of dataism 2018 ongoing

According to people's belief in gods as the only authorities, and humanism that empowers free will, the next step will be in “dataism” a techno-ideology that regards the universe as an infinite flow of data. The human vocation in this scenario is the creation of an all-encompassing data processing system with which we, the people, have to merge. The future is dataism. Produce content, upload content, share content, generate meaning (sharing is caring). The individual is a data processing processor. The censorship or blockade of the free flow of information is the enemy of dataism. The enormous growth in the amount of data creates a new era of digital communication and processing in technical terms and in social terms it will be responsible for a social upheaval.

The values of dataism
- increase the number of processors
- increase the variety of processors
- increase the connections between the processors
- increase the exchange of information between connections and processors

this project is a collaboration with Marco Egger (Film)

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